Holiday Rental Website

Owning a personal holiday rental website of your property will bring you a lot of advantages.

Clients visiting your website will only have eye for your holiday home instead of being tempted to look at other properties. As what is happening on listing sites nowadays, clients will view several properties on one website, which could make you miss out on bookings because of competitors being in the same listing.

By having clients book through your personal rental website, you avoid paying commission to expensive listing sites, which will increase the income of renting out your holiday home.

Having your personal website which is linked to your listing sites and social media accounts will help you to have a high google ranking. This means automatically more viewers of your holiday rental and additional bookings without commission. The content on the website is an important element for the google ranking. For that we work together with professional copywriters and translators who use special SEO (search engine optimization) wordings for describing your holiday rental, to increase your ranking. To attract more (international) clients we suggest having the website in several languages.

Is a potential client interested and would they like to book via your website, he/she should get a clear overview of the prices and availabilities. For that we will implement an online booking function with an updated availability calendar which is linked to your online listings and prices.

The most important element to create an attractive website are high quality photos and videos. Might you not have them yet, we can provide these for you (Read more).

Our domain service includes:

  • Register domain name
  • open a wordpress account
  • host your website
  • open a google account
  • set up personalized email (
  • SEO establishment
  • develop and design four pages for your holiday rental website


For further information to our social media and SEO services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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